Wool felt

All of our sleeves and cases are made from 100% merino wool felt from Germany. That is where they keep the best sheep. And the best felt artisans. We don't use any synthetics or blends – strictly 100% wool. That means maximum softness, maximum durability, and high resistance to pilling. Plus, wool is naturally stain and water resistant.  

We work with 3mm (1/8") thick felt so that your devices are protected, but we're still able to retain a sleek, modern profile to our sleeves. Another benefit of felt is that edges are clean and won't fray, so our sleeves can be made with a crisp silhouette all the way around. 

Your sleeve

We make each Well Put sleeve that we sell online only when it is ordered. It may only sound like a semantic difference, but by making sleeves to order, we put your  sleeve in the mail as opposed to just a  sleeve. Plus, it makes it a lot easier for us to respond to any special requests you might have – since we're making your sleeve from scratch anyway, it's always worth asking us to see if we can accommodate any special tweaks you might want. We aren't able to accommodate every request, but we'll always entertain every request. 

Yes, the downside is that we may take a couple of business days to ship your sleeve, but we make up for that by using fast shipping. Besides, we'll always do our best to make sure we're underpromising on ship times – when possible, we'll ship way faster than "a couple of business days."